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ARSI Updates

26 February  2020

Until Help Arrives Classes

While the Nation’s emergency medical responders are quick to arrive, any delay between injury and the initiation of care can result in death. Those nearest to someone with life-threatening injuries are best positioned to provide the first care, which should focus on the most essential actions, including moving someone away from ongoing danger, controlling bleeding, positioning the injured so they can breathe, keeping them warm, and providing comfort. This course is designed to educate the public about the important role it plays in providing these potentially life-saving interventions prior to the arrival of emergency services.

29 January 2019

Residential Knox Box Program


As more individuals within the senior community choose to live at home rather than move to retirement communities, gaining access during a medical emergency can be an issue for first responders, particularly if an individual has medical or mobility difficulties. While help is always just a call away, what happens when you can’t come to the door? With a Knox Residential Box, first responders are able to remove the entrance key stored inside with the Knox Master Key, a high-security master key, and let themselves in to provide medical assistance.


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3 April 2019

Explorer Post 79 


It is with great excitement that we announce the formation of Explorer Post 79! Join us for our OPEN HOUSE on April 29th at 6pm. Everyone is welcome to attend but we really want to meet those students in our area from grades 9 to age 20. If you know a young person looking for EMS Experience, Thinking about a career in the health industry, or in the Public service industry, please share this information!


Please email Josh Williams for more information and how to get involved. 

As we grow, We need more Volunteers. 
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