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ARSI Updates

28 January  2022

Getting Involved!! 

ARS needs people like you to help in our communities. We need folks to help with calls, help Rescue Crews on scene, drive ambulances, and so much more. 

You can get involved as a Vermont Emergency First Responder with only a weekend's worth of training! That's IT! 

The VEFR helps you learn if EMS is for you and gets you helping out the team quickly! This is a great step forward to getting more people involved. Complete an online membership application today! The link for that application is at the top of this page. 

Here is the link to our First Responder training page. Look it over.

13 February 2022

Call Log added to our website!


In an effort to make sure we provide information to our community, we have added a Call Log  page to our website. 

This information will be posted on Mondays for the week before. The information will not have any names or addresses. The posts will provide the type of call, the town the call was in, and if we transported a patient. 

If you think you need more information, please contact Josh Williams at


10 February 2022

Introduction of Full-Time staff


Many people know Josh Williams and Abby Arnold as emergency technicians for Arlington Rescue, but you may not know about all the hats each of them wears. 


Josh Williams comes to Vermont from North Carolina and is the Head of Service and Executive Director for the organization. He is also the Advisor for the Explorer Post, is chair of the VT EMS District 12 board, and teaches CPR and Wilderness First Aid. Josh has nearly 25 years of EMS experience and leadership. 


Abby Arnold comes to ARS from Boston and is ARS's Training Officer and handles some of our logistics and operations on a daily basis. Abby enjoys teaching providers new skills and is very well organized. Abby just completed her Fire Fighter 2 certification from the VT Fire Academy and has over 10 years of EMS experience. 

We're lucky to have such a strong leadership team at ARS.

Josh Williams and Abby Arnold with Arlington Rescue Squad
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As we grow, We need more Volunteers.