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Vermont Emergency First Responder


The information on this page is a resource and reference for the Vermont Emergency First Responder (VEFR) course.  

Please download the documents for the course.

Each video below will have a short quiz to confirm that you watched the videos. 

This program will prepare an individual to be a driver for the ambulance and be a member of a crew.

Over a course of three days, Friday – Sunday, you will be learning CPR, assessments, basic vital signs, oxygen administration, and oxygen, preparation, basic 101 splinting, wound care, medication administration, airway management, ambulance overview, and ambulance driving.

You must show competency in all subjects to pass the program. The field training officer must sign and approve skill sets and knowledge. You will not have to take a written test.
In order to maintain your skill sets and membership status, you are required to attend Arlington Rescue Squad in-house training.


If you do not show competency during the program, the field training officer will work with you. You must show an understanding of knowledge, procedure, and team dynamics.

Please complete the online membership application at you are subject to a background check, and driver's license check.

IMPORTANT: You may not provide care alone. Only with a certified EMT or higher.

You may first respond; however, you may only be allowed to do the following alone:

- Provide lifesaving CPR and use of AED
- Provide lifesaving bleeding control (Bandages, pressure dressing, and apply a tourniquet)

This course is designed for healthcare professionals and other personnel who need to know how to perform CPR and other basic cardiovascular life support skills in a pre-hospital settings

Truck Overview Videos

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